The VGU #3

Jan 21, 2022

Are you celebrating your daily wins?


This one habit builds a foundation of resilience, helps to create higher daily motivation and increases the chances of achieving a goal.

Any big achievement or progress forward is the result of many small - seemingly unremarkable - things adding up.

The thing is, we often only celebrate the "big" things.


If we decide that we can only feel good about ourselves after we’ve finished a project, or accomplished a long term goal, that's a lot of time spent not feeling proud of ourselves or our work.

Humans live in 24 hour cycles. If we don't celebrate a win within that cycle, it creates a feeling of daily inadequacy

- even if we've been working our tail off.


Often we use disappointment or fear to serve as a catalyst for our motivation. It can work temporarily, but quickly loses its momentum.

Fortunately, we have an alternative that sustains longer lasting motivation: 

Positive Reinforcement!



Why it works:

Based on Amabile & Kramer's Progress Theoryrecognizing daily wins recalibrates us to experience joy, self worth, and authentic pride DAILY.

It builds self confidence because we see ourselves moving forward.

This is especially important for high achievers who've had a "big win" that makes the smaller ones seem insignificant by comparison.

By recording our small wins, we have PROOF of our ability to take on a challenge and win. Our default thinking becomes that "we can." 


When I started doing this it created two big shifts for me:

  1. I became sensitive to small improvements, which improved my self-confidence and motivation.
  2. Frustrating sessions wouldn't have such a strong impact on my mental state, and I could bounce back faster.